Once again, I would like to say thank you for the great work you did on my resume. I have attached a screen shot of the glowing review of my new employer. He said that the special skills section alone sealed the deal for him and he wanted to put the resume on his wall. You played a great roll in this new opportunity in front of me and I really appreciate it.

-Taylor L.

I have been a customer of Career Advantage since 2011. What makes Career Advantage different from the competition is their personal care and attention. They not only deliver a unique and polished résumé, they also take the time to really understand what message you would like to convey. They are expert in their technical execution and in their customer service. They are outstanding professionals who give your resume the time, attention and nuance you need to stand out from the pack.

-Shane T.

Christina, you are a miracle worker.  This résumé is SO good, I might even hire this joker!

-Mike T.

Just thought I should let you know that I’ve received six or seven interview requests via Indeed since posting the text version of the resume you prepared 🙂

Three other companies bidding on a contract I am working on have now seen the resume you’ve prepared and are asking me to contact them ASAP.

There are two interview requests for completely unrelated positions as well! All in less than a week. You are amazing. Thank you!

…Make that eight companies now interested in me for that position. Four separate requests for interviews 🙂
Before you touched my resume, it seemed like I couldn’t get a debt collector to call me back. Now my cup runneth over!

– Tyler M.

Hi Christina! All I can say is WOW! You are amazing and I’m blown away with how impressive you made my resume. I really like the format and you did a great job tacking my unusual career path and not being obvious about my changing positions.

– Jenna B.

I was out of work for 10 months, money was getting tighter by the week. I decided I had to do SOMETHING different because calls in regards to my resume were becoming less frequent. I am an engineer, so I am not the best type of person to “sell myself” out in the real world of finding a job.

Christina at Career Advantage was helpful right off the bat. She took a look at my old resume and on our first conversation told me she had some great ideas for improvement. So I made an appointment with her at her office and we spent about an hour going through the details of my career.  A few days later I had my finished resume in hand.

Slowly the call frequency began to increase, then interview requests became more common. I had 1 interview in the prior 10 months before upgrading my resume. I have had 4 interviews the 2 months since she fixed it. I received a job offer last week.

So, if you are looking for help with your resume I would recommend Christina to anyone. I talked with a few “online” resume improvement companies but I felt Christina was the best for me.

-Robert S.

“Christina is a talented interviewer who knows how to dig out all the skills you have to create a professional, comprehensive resume. She makes you do your homework — a good thing! — so the resume is accurate. Her finished product is attractive, beautifully written, and she provides it in numerous formats, enabling you to make updates as needed. I am so glad I went to her!”

–Kathryn Smith, Writer and Editor

“Christina is now a tremendous asset in my network. Her work was not only fast, thorough and ended with a beautiful product, but she was also just amazing to work with. She worked around my schedule and leveraged all information that I provided to make the experience easy on me to get the best resume I have had in my career!”

-J. Cruickshank

“My son was struggling to get his resume to look professional and formal. Christina answered his call immediately and put all the right touches and let him know areas that were not being used anymore on resumes. She was gracious and gave just the right attention he needed.
Thank you!!”

-Joy Avera

“Hey just wanted to say thanks so much for your help! I already got a job and it’s exactly what I wanted!!”

-Crissie Phillips

“About two years ago I used your services and had you prepare a resume for me, it worked out wonderfully as I had a position at Volvo Group right out of college! Now as I progress in my career I am in pursuit of a MBA and need a updated resume that reflects my current occupation.”

-Nicholas R., Client